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Measure C guarantees secure local support for critical public safety services with no increase in taxes. 


Measure C ensures ongoing local support for voters’ highest priorities – protecting public safety and infrastructure. 

  • Renews a half-cent sales tax already approved by Merced voters, which passed overwhelmingly in 2006.

  • Strengthens the protections in the existing measure by guaranteeing the funds will be used for public safety services.

  • Guarantees that funding for critical public safety services, such as police and fire, can’t be diverted to lower priorities. 


Measure C does not increase taxes.

  • Extends an existing voter-approved tax that has been in place since 2006.

  • Expires after 20 years unless renewed by voters.

  • Keeps the funding in Merced – it can’t be stolen by politicians in Sacramento or Washington.


Measure C gives Merced's essential services secure ongoing funding, without imposing new taxes.

  • Guarantees continued funding for numerous officers in the city of Merced – without it, these officers could be lost.

  • Guarantees continued funding for ongoing road repair and improvements – without it, roads could continue to decline.

  • Guarantees continued support for vital emergency services – without it, fire and medical emergency response times will be longer.


Measure C guarantees that the revenues raised are only spent the way voters intended.

  • Includes citizen oversight committee to monitor spending of the revenue raised.

  • Guarantees that funding can’t be diverted by politicians for other, lower priorities.

  • Ensures consistent public safety funding won’t be held hostage to budget or political games.


Merced needs secure ongoing revenue for public safety and emergency services.  Measure C ensures these critical services are protected with no increase in taxes.


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